Created for you, because YOU never go out of Style.

That is our vision here at Rekreated Threads. We want you to feel confident, bold, and stylish when wearing our Items.


​I'm Nikia Jolly, Owner of “Rekreated Threads".We are a vintage clothing store all about preserving and rediscovering the past. I've always loved fashion. I believe I got my sense of style from my mother and watching the older sisters at my church growing up. From head to toe, those elderly sisters came correct every Sunday Morning. From their purses, hats, and shoes, everything was coordinated. As I matured I’ve curated my own style of fashion. I'm a lover of color, prints, and accessories. My mission here at Rekreated Threads is to always stay true to myself and my self-expression. I’ve poured in a lot of work into this vision and I hope everyone that supports my business knows they are supporting a dream come true.


Every item is handpicked by me. I want each and every woman to stand out and feel beautiful in my finds.

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